Another successful surgery!

DSC06032.JPGI had surgery last Thursday and got to finally come home yesterday (Wednesday).  It was also my dad’s birthday so we had a lot to celebrate!  The surgery went well.  The anesthesiologists found out the hard way that I am allergic to rocuronium, but otherwise the rest was textbook.  My tummy took a few days longer to wake up from surgery.  This didn’t make me feel good at all.  I also had lots of tests on my bladder and spine that were tough for me to handle.  However, I had lots of family that would cuddle me to make me feel better.


Now I am back home, playing with my toys and sleeping in my own bed.  I am much happier.  However, mom and dad need to do a procedure on my bladder 3 times a day and I am not making it easy for them.  Maybe I’ll get use to it someday.

Thank you to everyone for your cards, gifts, thoughts, and prayers.  I am so happy that I have so many nice family and friends.  Check out some pictures of my in our August folder in the Pictures section.

Love, Natalie


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I’m ONE!!

That’s right!  On July 24th, I turned ONE!  dsc05792 (This is how I signal 1).

Mom says I am tall – I am 30.5″ and weigh 22lbs.  I have four teeth, two on the bottom and two on the top.  My mouth is still feeling funny so I also think that I’m getting two more teeth on the top.  I’ve started walking!  I can take at least 5 steps in a row – I even showed everyone at my party on August 1st.  Yup, mom and dad threw me a birthday party.  I had lots of family and friends come to share in my day.  dsc05917 Everything had a cupcake theme, even the cake that mom made.  It was “mmmmm…”.  I also had a little party at daycare right on July 24th.

I like to talk a lots these days.  I can say “up, mom, dad, dog, ruff, and mine”.

Since I am a big girl, I no longer need to drink out of a bottle.  I’ve transitioned to a sippie cup very well.

Here is a link to some of my 1-year pictures.  Enjoy!

Click here to view these pictures or copy and paste this link into the address line of your Web browser.

Also, be sure to click on the “pictures” link to see some of our picasa pictures.

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Programming Challenge

I need your help to have a small chance at winning. Details here:

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Amazing Origami

A fascinating look into modern Origami.  He actually makes it look easy!

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Milwaukee area’s ‘Future 50′ firms growing despite economy

Red Anvil, where I work, was recently selected to the 2009 Future 50 list.  This list serves to recognize the outstanding achievements of local, fast-growing entrepreneurs.  As part of the selection process, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also chose Red Anvil and it’s owners to be the cover story and photo!  See it in Business section of today’s paper or at JSOnline.

Thank God for such a nice job during these rough economic times.

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Natalie’s 9 months!

Natalie just turned 9 months on Friday, April 24th (where is the time going?)!  She is currently 29″ long and weighs about 19lbs.  We just wanted to give an update of the many things she has learned so far.

She has learned to crawl this past month.  That’s fine and dandy, but her true love is standing. She can even bring herself up to stand!  She loves standing and looking around, and walking with help.  She’ll be walking by herself in no time!

We’re working on starting Natalie on solid foods.  However, her favorite thing to chew is her toes so this is a tough process.

The dogs are getting use to Natalie chasing them.  Natalie really loves Willow’s ball!  Thankfully, both dogs have been really good with her.

Natalie also has learned how to clap, give high fives and roll a ball!  She has really good hand-eye coordination.  Dad is working with her on banging on pots and pans – lots of drum-type instruments.

Oh, and she learned tantrums!  She throws herself backwards if we take something away from her.  That’s been pretty fun.

During he downtime, Natalie loves looking at pictures.  She just smiles and giggles at pictures.  Feel free to send us pictures of yourself for Natalie to laugh at!

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Surgery went well!

On Wednesday, April 22nd, Natalie had surgery.  It was an 8 hour surgery, and we were in the surgery room for just about 12 hours that day.  She spent the night at Children’s Hospital.  Originally we were told that she would be there for 1 to 2 weeks, however, was discharged the next day!

She still needs a lot of cares and is in pretty critical condition, but is doing wonderfully.  Even the nurses said this is very rare to be going home this early.

She got the breathing tubes out right after surgery and did well.  She was not given any blood due to any bloodloss during the surgery.  She began having bottles that night and did not have any troubles with that.  The next morning they took out all 4 IV’s with no problems (other than a squirmy baby from all of the tape removal).  Since she was just going to be laying in the hospital bed with no machines connected and nothing they could do but wait, they decided to send us home to relax for a few days.

Natalie does have an infection so we’re trying to find her some meds that agree with her stomach.  She’s not sleeping well either, but we think that’s also from the upset stomach and the meds.  She’s also pretty sore, but it’s mostly from trying to crawl or walk and does too much.  Otherwise she’s back to her same, happy self!  Thanks be to God!

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Grandpa Nolte in Heaven at last

Last weekend we went to Fairmont, MN for Grandpa Nolte’s funeral.  He passed away after a little over 97 years on earth.  We thank the Lord for the amazing grace he gave him, and the wonderful example he has been of a loving, Christian Father and Husband.

Here are a few pictures, more can be seen at our web album site.


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Working from Home

On Thursdays I am allowed to work from home, so I finally had the great idea to put Natalie on some projects.  It’s doubled my productivity!  But I probably will need to find a water (drool) proof keyboard.


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I can sit up! And I eat my toes…

Mom and dad haven’t posted anything recently, so I thought I would keep everyone updated on my exciting milestones.  On December 24th, I turned 5 months old.  I realized that I was now a big girl and I didn’t need anything to help me sit up.  Mom and dad were a bit surprised (especially since they’ve been focusing on my rolling over – still yet to happen).  I don’t really like laying down much anymore – there’s just so much to see sitting up.  DSC03644.JPG DSC03578.JPG

Over the last few days, I’ve been trying to eat my feet.  I’m not sure why, but tonight I finally did it!  I got to suck on my toes for at least 30 seconds.  I’m so excited!!DSC03706.JPG

My gums have been pretty achy over the past month.  Mom says I’m “teething”, but nothing has come through yet.  I like chewing on my turtle the most, but anything pretty much goes right now.DSC03567.JPG DSC03594.JPG

I still am getting use to eating vegetables.  I usually have cereal for breakfast and either carrots, squash, or green beans for supper.  I really like squash!

Dad and Mom are teaching me how to pet my doggies.  Both Willow and Maggie are really soft.  We are good friends.DSC03695.JPG DSC03380.JPG

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