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Natalie trying to jump

Where can I find those strength shoes?

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Christmas Video 2009

The envelopes for our Christmas cards got slightly ruined again this year.  Good thing the documentary crew from the hit NBC show “The Office” was there to film what happened.

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It’s N-oh-l-t-ee!

I was reading a blog post that was only written for the purpose of explaining how to pronounce the author’s name. One of the comments had a great link to a website that gives excellent help on pronouncing names. The … Continue reading

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I’m ONE!!

That’s right!  On July 24th, I turned ONE!  (This is how I signal 1). Mom says I am tall – I am 30.5″ and weigh 22lbs.  I have four teeth, two on the bottom and two on the top.  My … Continue reading

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Amazing Origami

A fascinating look into modern Origami.  He actually makes it look easy!

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Working from Home

On Thursdays I am allowed to work from home, so I finally had the great idea to put Natalie on some projects.  It’s doubled my productivity!  But I probably will need to find a water (drool) proof keyboard.

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Who was General Tso? and other mysteries of American Chinese food

Another entertaining and interesting TED talk I liked enough to share:

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Go Brewers!

We got Brewers tickets from my CEO last minute, and holy cow – awesome seats!  Thanks Neil!!!!!

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Awesome Random Sample

Today at work Randy challenged everyone at lunch to estimate how much change was in his change jar.  For the past decade or so he would throw his spare change into it.  This weekend he’s going to Vegas to do … Continue reading

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Virgle Pioneer

Google and Virgin have teamed up create Virgle in order to get a colony on Mars. So get your application in today! I figured what colony would be complete without a dog…

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