Another successful surgery!

DSC06032.JPGI had surgery last Thursday and got to finally come home yesterday (Wednesday).  It was also my dad’s birthday so we had a lot to celebrate!  The surgery went well.  The anesthesiologists found out the hard way that I am allergic to rocuronium, but otherwise the rest was textbook.  My tummy took a few days longer to wake up from surgery.  This didn’t make me feel good at all.  I also had lots of tests on my bladder and spine that were tough for me to handle.  However, I had lots of family that would cuddle me to make me feel better.


Now I am back home, playing with my toys and sleeping in my own bed.  I am much happier.  However, mom and dad need to do a procedure on my bladder 3 times a day and I am not making it easy for them.  Maybe I’ll get use to it someday.

Thank you to everyone for your cards, gifts, thoughts, and prayers.  I am so happy that I have so many nice family and friends.  Check out some pictures of my in our August folder in the Pictures section.

Love, Natalie


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